Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ted Talk: The Future of Camping

The Future of Camping
Boris Issaev
Rating: ***
Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to stay at home, and not go out to parks to go camping or canoeing, and in this talk, Boris Issaev discusses why this is happening.

At the beginning of the talk, he talks about how less and less people are going camping, and he discusses why. He talks about the barriers that people face when going camping, and then lists the main reasons. He says that based upon the surveys that he conducts, the main reasons are; Having no experience camping or being outdoors, the fact that they need comfort, and camping cannot always be comfortable. Thirdly, he states that not having equipment is an issue, since most people will not go if they only intend to camp once, and will not want to deposit a large amount of money for that trip. he then proceeds to state that there is no transport, but that also includes the park being too far to drive to. Lastly, he says that the biggest reason why people are not going camping is because there is no interest in it. He also talks about how parks are working to change these issues, and he says that a few options are: the new campgrounds, where showers, electricity and other things that people need are available, so that people can enjoy it the trip more. He also talks about all the programs, such as learn to camp, where everything is provided for you, and you learn while on the trip. This and many more ideas are trying to get people to go out and camp, and enjoy what the parks have to offer. He then talks about what is in decline, and he displays that camping has gone down the most, with a decrease of 4%. He then shows how other things such as trail running with an increase of 8%, and obstacle races such as the Tough Mudder have gone up by 35%, along with many other sports and events. Lastly, he talks about why the outdoors and the experiences are good for you, since they improve your body and your mind, you experience a challenge and also meet new people.  

This Ted Talk has really shown me what changes are being made to accommodate for the people who want to go camping, but also want to have the comforts of home available. In my opinion, camping should be fairly simple, and away from all the distractions of the city. But as times change, I think that having new styles of camping is a good thing, since it will encourage more people to go out and experience the parks of Canada and beyond. Overall, I really enjoyed this Ted Talk, and I think that it is good how things are being implemented to make camping more agreeable for more people.

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