Friday, April 30, 2010

Best Place To Camp - Ryan Stuart

Rating ****

With our Algonquin Park Canoe Trip approaching it is always in the back of my mind while reading any out door related articles. Strangely enough when I came upon this article by Ryan Stuart it was more than in the back of my mind as this revered camp site is actually located in Algonquin Park.

Grand Lake is a staple of Algonquin Park and lends its beauty to a famous Tom Thomson painting 'The Jack Pine.' It is said to be known for having some of the most beautiful sand beaches of the entire park and is stowed away in the farthest eastern corner. Nearby Barron Canyon is a tourist attraction and is listed as a must see while staying in the 45-site Achray Campground. An interesting fact about the canyon is that you can reach the summit of this 330 foot gorge with a one hour hike and it is even possible to put in at the top and canoe through the calm water.

I found it interesting to know that the trip which I took for granted last year is actually one that is famous for its scenery and is sought after by many outdoor enthusiasts. This year I will be sure to stop and smell the roses and see if I could even spot the famous "Jack Pine".

Stuart, Ryan "BEST PLACE TO CAMP" Explore Magazine
April 30th 2010
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