Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nature Photography In The City- Monica Isley

When living in a large city, it is hard to see some of the signs of spring. All you see is a concrete jungle, no grassy fields or little streams. The closest you get to anything spring like is the melting snowbanks which uncovers filthy litter areas. In this article, Monica Isley on one of her weekly themed photography competitions with her friends, got to view spring from a whole different perspective.

Monica was walking her dog one day when her dog decided to make a little pit stop. This is when she saw on the other side of a fence some pretty new flowers that were just budding. If she took the picture over top of the fence, the angle of the flowers would have turned into only an okay picture. In order to take a picture of these flowers with the sun hitting them properly, it would require her lying down on the side walk and taking the picture through the fence. People in the building on the other side of the fence would consider her a crazy lady, but the opportunity was too great. Monica Isley laid down on the side walk and took the picture through the fence. This was the picture she decided to send her friend as her weekly competition picture.

This article showed me that you need to think outside the box with photography. When taking pictures you can not expect to find them right away, but need to look for them and they may show up in unexpected areas.

Monica Isley, “Nature Photography In The City.” Just North Articles
March 16 2010. April 20 2010


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