Friday, April 16, 2010

Vanishing Venice – Cathy Newman


I love travel. It has been my yearning to visit Venice since I saw it in the illustrated book when I was a little kid. People live on not ground but water. There is no vehicle, but water taxi and gondola. The old buildings tell us their history. Doesn’t it sound beautiful?

The article reports the reality of Venice. Nowadays, Venice has lots of problems. Above all, the biggest concern is tourism. Surprisingly, the number of annual visitors is 21 million though the number of Venetian residents is 60,000. Therefore, tourism is “the heart and soul of the Venetian economy – good and bad.” Here in the article, some “bad” affects are reported: tourists become parts of overlooking of San Marco, a jump in prices force the old store closed and residents move away for Venice etc.

I was much affected by this sad reality. I found the conflict between the curiosity to visit and the difficulty of maintaining the historical city. The global warming also threatens the city. The beautiful city can not keep its figure without any efforts. What can we do to keep such a heritage (old building, limited nature, etc) in the world? This article makes me think something important.

Newman, Cathy. “Vanishing Venice.” NATURAL GEOGRAPHIC. August 2009. Print.

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