Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PARIS A PIED - Mark Abley


“Stay in the neighbourhood near canal saint-martin, where it’s 115 steps up to the best view in the city.” This is the article when the writer stayed at Paris.

He spent a week with his wife in an apartment. It cost less than a couple of nights at a mid-priced Paris hotel and the view from the balcony of the room was magnificent. The surrounding was perfect except climbing steps. It was in July, which is the tourist season. There are all kinds of people in Paris in that season, especially at the famous spots. The writer, however, said that it is possible to have a wonderful time in Paris at that season – Everyone has an equal right to enjoy the city. This article tells us how he enjoyed the city in his own way.

I knew what the city of Paris is like through this article. At the same time, the beautiful pictures inspired me to visit there. I think it is the good way to stay an apartment when we travel, since we can experience the real life in the city at small cost.

Mark, Abley. “PARIS A PIED.” Canadian Geographic Travel. September 2008. Print.

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