Friday, May 28, 2010

Women only, please – Kevin Callan

Women only, please – Kevin Callan

“ When it came to choosing the worst and best groups to guide, men were always a nightmare and women were always the most pleasurable.”

This article was written by a young man who's income mostly came from guiding people on canoe trips. Kevin Callan worked for a base camp in Ontario's Temagami region and spent his summers traveling with different groups every week. His clients ranged from high school students, seniors to juvenile delinquents. Some groups were married couples, co-ed clusters, women-only retreats and men bonding ventures. With Kevin's experience with all these different types of groups, he has noticed valuable traits that certain groups withhold. Kevin Callan in this article admits that women-only retreats tend to do a lot better then the male bonding ones. “Experience taught me that women seemed to communicate better than men; they had a higher pain threshold than men; they were safer than men; and their personal hygiene always won over Men's. Guys, you're going to hate me for saying this, but most of the time you were a pain in the ass when it came to guiding you on a canoe trip.” Kevin Callan explains how women all around were a lot more enjoyable on the trip. He says that women also don't push more mileage like men do. “ They seem to soak in their surroundings better, appreciate nature more.” In all, Kevin Callan enjoyed having the women around because they had better communication skills , and unlike the men, he did not have to pull out the first aid kit every trip.

Callan, Kevin. “Women only, please”. Ottawa Outdoors
Spring/Summer 2009. Print.

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  1. To be honest I am not surprised that Kevin Callan has more enjoyable trips guiding women. I have first hand experience of the competitiveness of the male gender. On a recent canoe trip it was obvious that the boys were more likely to be hurt. One night a large group of the boys decided to play manhunt in the dark forest. Not surprisingly someone ended up getting lost and a search party was needed to find him. The girls were content to sit around the fire or get to bed early to prepare for the next day. I think that guys need to learn to slow down and enjoy just being in nature without having to add more excitement (danger).