Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Descending Dragons by Dave Nieuwenhuis

Rating: ***

A small, simple article describing the adventures of three Canadian men, one South African, and an Irish man on their kayaking journey through Southeastern Asia. Through three countries the men followed their own path where they didn't encounter any other paddlers for the full two months that they paddled, and they found their route using Google Maps. The put in's and take out's were said to be as challenging as the rivers themselves, but that each country was unique. Through the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam, these men made an adventure of their own.

I quite enjoyed this article because of the fact that it was sweet and simple. It was to the point and described their journey with just enough detail for me to able to picture it in my mind. Of course the beautiful pictures that went along with the article helped as well. I admire these men for not following an already made path, but finding one for themselves and going on a true adventure, not knowing exactly what to expect since their route was never done before.

Nieuwenhuis, Dave. "Descending Dragons" Rapid. May 2010. Print.

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