Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Need to Know by Maarten Meinesz

Need to Know: Which plants in the US can be used as emergency water sources?

Ratting: ****

This article explained how to find water from what plants in an emergency situation. It also explained that getting water from a cactus by just chopping off the top is in fact a myth.

I liked this article and gave it a high rating because of it's usefulness.
If anyone ever travels though the desert, this article is a must-read. It explains what to do in simple terms and makes it an easy and understandable read for anyone. I also liked how it gave the following fact at the end of the article: 3, is the average number of times that a person can cross the U.S boarder illegally without getting caught. This article is a need to know for any outdoors man.

Meinesz, Maarten. "Need to Know" Adventure. February 2003. Print.

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