Monday, June 7, 2010

Grabbing Canoeing by the Tail - Stephanie Park

Rating: ****

Being the dog lover I am, I came across another dog article in the Early Summer 2010 Print of Family Camping and Canoeroots. This article is by the editor of the magazine. In this article, she confesses that she is a recovering sea kayaker. The reason for her to switching over to canoeing was because of her love for her dog Tess. Stephanie Park was determined at the time to share her love
of sea kayaking with Tess, who is a chocolate lab-husky mix. When she set down a comfortable mat on the end of her 17-foot kayak and started paddling away, Stephanie though that her dog would sit still. After a short little while, Tess stood up and made the kayak flip over. This was when Stephanie Park realized that Tess could not swim. A month later after this accident, Ms. Park bought Tess a doggie PFD. Since then, Stephanie Park has now switched to canoeing because it is easier for Tess to balance in the canoe. I thought this article was cute because for my love of animals. I would love for my dog to be able to come canoeing with me, however I believe she would be incapable of standing still in a canoe and not in the water enjoying a nice swim.

Park, Stephanie. “Grabbing Canoeing by the Tail.” Family Camping and Canoeroots.
Early Summer 2010. Print

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