Monday, June 7, 2010

Off-grid with Erik Simula- Conor Mihel

Rating: **

This article is about Erik Simula, who last spring canoed 1,600 kilometers to see his daughter Anna's high school graduation. To Erik Simula, it just seemed pretty much like a normal day. He lives in a small cabin in north eastern Minnesota. Mr. Simula lives without electricity or running water. As well, he lives off of his own hunting and gathering of natural foods. So this trip was just an extension of his normal lifestyle. What makes this trip interesting, is that he did it all with his dog on his 14 foot canoe. After the graduation, he then canoed back to where he lived. I thought this was very interesting considering that he canoed a very long distance to see his daughter graduate.

Mihel, Connor. “Off-grid with Erik Simula.” Family Camping and Canoeroots.
Early Summer 2010. Print

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