Friday, June 4, 2010

Headin' Slowpokes

4oo kilometres northeast of Vancouver, there is the province’s guest-ranch capital called the South Cariboo, Until I read this article, cowboy was the person of the past or the person in narratives in my image. But here he really is!

The author, who has dreamed to be a cowgirl, visited the South Catiboo to help bring the cattle home during the fall roundup. Her guide cowboy is 60 years-old and his grandfather settled that ranch. He said planes, trains, automobiles, tractors and modern irrigation have changed the cowboy lifestyle. “Before satellite TV, there was always someone playing a guitar or accordion.” The author had a great time; she has chased cows with a border collie named Chevy, had T-bone steaks dinner with nice companies, and chatted with the cowboy. On the other hand, she found how difficult to keep being cowboy nowadays through her journey.

I was overwhelmed the life of cowboys and the beautiful vast ranch, that is their home. I was sad, however, to know Canadians and foreigners alike are snatching up ranches and that makes cowboy’s life hard. We should not snatch but protect such a good-old culture. Horseback riding is one of the greatest outdoor activities, all the more we can do at the ranch. I have never tried it yet, but I want to try someday. This article makes me feel so.

Damielle, Egan. “Headin’ Slowpokes.” Canadian Geographic Travel September 2008. Print

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