Monday, June 7, 2010

Hot Dogs and Poutine -James Raffan

Hot Dogs and Poutine -James Raffan

Rating: ***

When I was younger I always enjoyed animals. This made me apply to a local dog and cat boarding kennels near my house. Since then, I have always had a passion for dogs. When I was flipping through the Family Camping & Canoeroots magazine trying to decide on an article to read, I was automatically attracted this article by James Raffan by just seeing the dogs in the picture. In this article, James Raffan explains that his children have moved out of the house. Now that it is just him and his wife, he finds that his dogs seem eager to join him and that they are great canoeing partners. They never complain about where they go and how they get there. He then explains that there is actually something of a Canadian tradition for dogs as canoeing partners. I found this interesting because I enjoy canoeing. However, I doubt my dog will ever be well trained enough to join me in the canoe.

Raffan, James. “Hot Dogs and Poutine.” Family Camping & Canoeroots
Early Summer 2010. Print

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