Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Add Water- Wayne Lennox

Rating ****

This article talks about building an outdoor shower at your cottage. It caught my eye because we don’t have a shower at my cottage, only a bathtub, so a shower would definitely be useful. Wayne Lennox builds outdoor showers at cottages, and he talks about why it is such a good idea, and all the different ways to do it. It let’s you wash off after a swim, or after finishing a dirty job, and it is much cheaper than adding a second bathroom. He talks about all the different ways it can be designed and gives tips on the best areas to build it so it is in a sheltered spot. The article even has a section called “water Out” which tells you the proper ways to dispose of the grey water from the shower since we all know that the leave no trace principles say to dispose of dirty, used water 80 meters away from lakes and streams. There are a couple ways to dispose the water; it can either drain into a leaching pit, or the existing septic system. The article has all the plumbing details you need to know and a hardware plan with all the materials necessary to be able to create your perfect outdoor shower.

I think that building an outdoor shower at my cottage would be very handy for when the cottage is packed with visitors. It would also be good for warming up after a swim when the lake is cold. This was a great article, and it inspired me to build an outdoor shower.

Lennox, Wayne. “Just Add Water” Cottage Life. April 2009. Print

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