Friday, June 18, 2010

What to think about when buying a canoe or kayak

What to think about when buying a Canoe or Kayak
By Larry Showler, Ottawa Outdoors.

This article is geared toward novice paddlers and or anyone who is not sure what to look for when buying a canoe or kayak. It provides useful advise on how to pick a canoe or kayak that best suits you. Wether you plan on going single or as a family or if you plan on travelling light or heavy. It also gives precise measurements on the depth, length, width etc of a canoe or kayak based on your style.
I would definitely recommend this article to readers especially paddlers. If you want some great advise on paddling that could save you time and money, this is an article for you. It is an easy read so almost anyone can read it and its' only about one page long.

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