Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take It Easy, Bro by Will Gadd

Rating: ****

This article was all about competition. That urge that you feel to always want to be in the lead, in front of everyone else, just to prove that you can be the best. Gadd explains how this competitive urge is more dominant in men than women, and how he finds it both funny and sad how recreational activities can become a competition. He points out that few people can find that distinct line between recreation, training, and racing. Gabb believes that the first step to overcoming that urge for constant competition is to get over your own ego, and to enjoy the success of your team, not celebrating your success as an individual.

Gadd many many good points throughout the article that I couldn't agree with more. I understand that feeling of always wanting to win, always wanting to be the best. It's hard to understand when to step back and be happy for your other teammates or rivals, when all you want to do it show others your own success. I do agree with Gadd when he says that males are more competitive than females, but it doesn't make it any easier for females to let go of those competitive urges than males. I like how this article really emphasized on why it's important to not be competitive during something recreational. It is truly important to find that competitive balance in your life.

Gadd, Will. "Take It Easy, Bro" Explore. July/August, 2009. Print.

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