Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kids Gone Wild by Bruce Grierson


Did you know that if an individual doesn't go outside, and spends most of their time watching TV, that they can develop "Nature Deficit Disorder?" Well it's true. It's been proven that in order to develop our brains to their fullest potential we must spend time outside where we can focus our attention on small things and then pull our attention out for a global sense of where we are. We can't do that watching TV. Because of this growing problem, "nature kindergartens" are being made where kids spend all day outside playing, rain or shine. They use earthly materials to play with and take naps on sticks. It's been said that playing outside helps kids concentrate better. Also mentioned was that by being close to nature early in life, it can better help you in the future. When your stressed in the city, you can always look back and remember that serene feeling of the wilderness, and that will allow you to calm yourself down.

I enjoyed this article because it is so true. I agree that kids need to get outside more, and stop concentrating on electronics. Children need the outdoors to grow and to function properly. The outdoors can help later on in life, and make individuals an overall better person. The outdoors can shape an individual, and influence other aspects of their life. Also, being in touch with nature makes people feel closer with it, and more likely to want to save it. The outdoors have a huge impact on the human brain.

Grierson, Bruce. "Kids Gone Wild" Explore. July/August, 2009. Print.

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