Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"This Bud's For You" by Virginia Marshall


Eric "EJ" Jackson, the four-time World Champion, former Olympian, and founder of Jackson Kayaks has recently become the new face of Budweiser American Ale. This newly made deal did spark some interest, but it's nothing new to the paddling industry. Budweiser is the sponsoring company of the U.S. Olympic team, and has had a role with the team for the past 25 years. Jackson was picked because Budweiser believes that their fans and kayakers share a lot in common. They share the same outlook on life: "adventure, freedom, fulfillment and excitement." The public seems to be supporting this new sponsorship, saying that Jackson deserves this just as much as any other mainstream athlete. Jackson hopes that by accepting Budweiser as a sponsor it will attract more people to participate in paddling sports.

I like how this article brought up the topic of alcoholic drinks sponsoring athletes. I have never really liked how athletes get sponsored by any major brand, especially alcohol brands. But this article showed me that it can be a good thing. Like how Jackson is being promoted in big magazines where he can advertise to the public about paddling sports, which in turn may be getting people more active in the outdoors.

Marshall, Virginia. "This Bud's For You" Rapid. May, 2010. Print.

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