Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Canoe barrels vs. Dry bags by Susan Muehlherr

rating ***

In this article the author states the pros and cons for dry bags vs canoe barrels. Anyone who has ever used a dry bag or canoe barrel knows theirs advantages as well as disadvantages to them both, such as having to pull everything out to get to something at the bottom, but for a new timer going on a canoe trip this article would be very helpful.

I enjoyed this article because she stated all the pros as well as cons to both bags. So next time I go on a trip I will consider all the advantages and disadvantages to both bags and I will know which bag to bring.

Muehlherr, Susan. "Canoe Barrel vs Dry Bags." Scouting life. March/April 2010. Volume 40, issue 5

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