Monday, November 8, 2010

Power of One: The REAL Simon Jackson Story

Simon Jackson started his activist career at the age of 7 when he was fighting to save the Kodiak bear. At the time he was selling lemonade and raised 60 dollars for the cause and wrote 2 letters. After some time had pasted he heard the bear had been saved and being a 7 years old thought that his 60 dollars and his 2 letters saved the bear single handed. He then set his eyes for saving the spirit bear's habitat that was being threatened by developments. At the age of 13 he was speaking about the habitat lose and was trying to raise support from his fellow students. In the end he collected over 700 letters to the premier of BC at the time. When he received a letter back from him that made no promises that his government would help he relieved that he was going to have to get a lot more support. He began talking at different schools and getting more letters . He started writing editorials to the local news paper and support started to grow. He then at 15 formed his own group to save the spirit bear and was voted by Time Magazine to be one of their 60 heroes of the planet. In the end he has helped save a ton of habitat and has proved that no matter your age or connections any one can make a difference.

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