Monday, November 8, 2010

10 tips for beginner campers - Ottawa Outdoors Magazine

10 tips for beginner campers by Allen Macartney - ***

In this article the author gives several useful tips and tricks to enjoy your first few camping trips. He starts off the article by saying that most people have heard someone say "I tried camping once, I hated it, I'll never do it again!" He also mentions that these "would-be" campers usually begin their trip with a lot of excitement only to be disappointed. The author then lists several tips, such as using a checklist to be sure that you have everything, that he says are almost certain to provide you with years of successful and comfortable camping trips.

I found this article interesting because I already use many of the tricks he mentions in his list and I have found them very helpful in my years of camping. I also found it helpful as there were a couple of pointers in it that I've never really used before that I hope to use in the future. One that I will definitely incorporate into my next camping trip is planning 50% extra time for travelling and setting up camp. I have often been stuck putting up a tent when it is already pitch black outside (there have also been times when rain was added to the mess) because I didn't plan any extra time and I lost time somewhere along the way. I would recommend this reading to anyone who is new to camping to ensure that they do not become discouraged to go camping again because of one bad experience.

Macartney, Allen. "10 tips for beginner campers." Spring/Summer 2008. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.

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