Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ted talk #1
Lewis Pugh swims the North Pole

I think what he did was extremely inspiring for me. He risked his life to show people the importance of what’s going on in the climate today, to get the politicians to realize the impact we have on the environment and how this will negatively impact us, and our way of life. There’s only one politician I can think of that has the realization of this and decided to try and do something about it, Al Gore which he didn’t succeed because of the miscount of votes in Florida. Anyways I’ve gotten off topic I just think he definitely should have gotten more publicity and awareness from the politicians because that was his intention but his intentions didn’t go as planned and I really don’t think that’s its fare that he risked his life to get people to realize these things and I still don’t think they realize the impact. Anyways I think what he did was extremely inspiring for me and I hope that he’ll get more recognition for his actions of bravery.

By: Brianna Allen
Ps. this is an opinion piece done by me

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