Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wet your Whistle

I recommend this article to any 1 who hikes, bikes, or any other activities in the out doors.
This article is about dehydration and what to look for in someone if you think they are dehydrated. This article is also about the importance of drinking water at all times and staying hydrated. Some of the symptoms for dehydration are dizziness, headaches, dry skin, causes skin to stand if pinched, and dark urine. the best way to keep hydrated is to always drink water. This article also talks about how people over the age 50 tend to not realize actually how thirsty they really are. Over years a human’s sense of thirst begins to dissipate. People tend to get thirsty more in cold weather like snow or if they drink alcohol and coffee.

By Garry Godsoe, Ottawa outdoors magazine, summer/ fall 2009

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