Monday, December 13, 2010

Article: California cougar kills MU grad on bike trail by Unkown

This article took place in Orange County, California in a suburban sprawl enriched in wilderness. Mark Jeffrey Reynolds, a 35 year old male, was mountain biking when he experienced a malfunction. It was believed that his chain may have fallen off and when Reynolds disembarked his bicycle he was almost immediately jumped by the ferocious mountain lion. The mountain lion tore through the innocent man's flesh leaving a half eaten carcass left to be found. Just days later the body was stumbled upon by two female cyclists. One of these cyclists was 30 year old Anne Hjelle. She was riding her bike when she was also jumped by the wild animal. She was dragged along a trail by the 110 pound cat by her face. The mountain lion eventually released his threatening grip after the other cyclists through rocks and tugged against the body being dragged.
Later that day the mountain lion was found again and was shot and killed. It was a disappointing time for southern California because after all they have only experienced 13 mountain lion attacks, 6 fatal attacks in 114 years. There were 2 attacks in two days!

Published Saturday, January 10, 2004 published by the Daily Columbia Tribune, <>

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