Friday, December 17, 2010

Paddle Through Nature In Huntingdon

By: Jean-Nicolas Saucier

Ratting: *** good

This article gave me a great Idea for a summer or spring weekend.

This article is about a one full day of kayaking on the Truite and Cheâreaugauy rivers. These rivers are about an hour out of Montréal so close to the city and the scenery is like your way out back. Jean talks about taking a guide down the river because they organize a picnic or B.B.Q making it an ideal trip for beginners and if you want to take it up a step the river floods in spring and they say it can be very exciting. Now the trip is 20-25km long so it’s a pretty long day of paddling.

This article made me realize that one day canoe trips can happen. Iv started thinking about doing to do more camping, canoeing, and kayaking in Quebec and closer to home. I’ve taken from this article that one day trips maybe for me! Now I’m definitely going to start using my kayaks more and more! If you’re looking for a nice easy one day trip you should definitely read this article.

Title: Paddle Through Nature In Huntingdon By: Jean-Nicolas Saucier Adventura summer 2010 Vol.2 No.2

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