Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cold camping by Kevin Callan

Rating: ***

This article is all about winter camping and includes some usefull tips to keep the experience a good one.

First of all, dressing in layers, and making sure the outermost layer is a breathable wind breaker, not the main insulator. Also, to make sure to wear a hat as a good amount of body heat is lost through the head. Secondly, try not to sweat at all costs. Moisture on your body will only make you colder. Lastly, comfortable sleeping tricks.

Make sure to wear new dry clothes that are different from the ones that you worked in. Have something between you and the ground such as a foam pad or a Therm-a-Rest. Eat something high in calories before sleeping, the process of digesting the food will keep your body warm. Keep your sleeping bag warm by having a bottle of hot tea or even just hot water. Also, keep extra clothes in the sleeping bag to fill the extra space.

I was able to relate to this article more now than before the winter camp we did this year. I know I didn't have a very comfortable sleep and are definitely prepared with new tactics for next year. I'm willing to try out some of the tips mentioned in this article.

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine
Winter 2007/2008

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