Sunday, December 26, 2010

Women only, please by Kevin Callan

Rating: ***

This article is basically about how guiding a canoe trip is a lot better of an experience with women than with men. It brings up some opinions that women "communicate better, have a higher pain threshold, are safer and had better personal hygiene than men", ultimitely making for a better companion on a canoe trip. Also, that male trips "always turn disastrous" because of their insatiable need to be better than the others.

I found this article a little harsh, especially since it was written by a guy. I had originally just assumed a woman wrote it because of its content, but found it otherwise when I did a double take on the author. I also was intrigued by this article because I had a similar experience on the canoe trip that was made up of mostly males. I didn't find the trip to be like the article described, with all the problems(with the exception of a broken toe...), but maybe that's just me.

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine
Spring/Summer 2009

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