Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get airborn with the bunny hop BY:Matt Staneland

Rating: *** good

This article is a very informative and insightful for any mountain biker that's gone on a trail and ended up hitting an unforeseen tree lying in the middle of it and ending up on the ground after trying to ride over the trunk.So the bunny hop can be a very handy tool to know.

In the article it tells how to do the bunny hop the article shows the basic steps from 1-4. The first step is the set up were u set your speed and your body the second is getting the front tire up this step is is when you get the front tire in the air next is getting the rear tire up were you bring the front tire in the air and get over the object your trying to jump the last step is the controlled landing were you essentially make sure you land properly without falling.The article also gives tips on how to practice before you get on the trails.

This article has made me think about how i should be approaching objects in front of me but when i am on a trail i use a j-hop which i prefer but this article is definitely great for new comers to the sport it has also made me think about how there are some dangers on even the easiest of trails and if i want to go fast i need to learn properly these tricks since it will definitely come in handy when I'm riding fast.I recommend this article to any one interested in going faster and beating that track record.

Magazine:Ottawa outdoors Fall edition 2002 pg 11

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