Thursday, December 9, 2010

Article #1:
In an age of eco-uncertainty
By: J.B MacKinnon
Issue: no.162, Explore

Summary and opinion piece:
Basically this article discusses every pressing environmental issue that sociologists, environmentalists, and scientists are genuinely concerned about. The author of this article puts a great deal of blame onto peoples everyday lifestyle choices and their ecological footprint that they leave and he’s also got a stereotype that all outdoors people live an eco-friendly lifestyle, which isn’t always the case. He brings denial into the article by bringing up his past achievements and a book he wrote with this man, which leads him to start talking about this man and his great achievements in journalism. Hee also brings very sensitive examples of denial known by the great population i.e the holocaust and he made the Germans look really bad when he’d said those things concerning them. This is also an opinion article at some points in the article because he brings his experiences in life regarding those issues into the article. He also talks about how society needs to be accountable for each persons actions and states that he doesn’t need to be more accountable because he lives an eco-friendly live which means he’s a good person which he likes to consider himself being accountable rather than good. Although I don’t think he’s very accountable since he’s not taking his responsibilities seriously and he’s also blaming others people for these ecological issues , which isn’t a sign of accountability for me if you blame others. As I always say if you want something done go and do it yourself. I also think that if he needs to criticise others to get his point across, then he shouldn’t make his point at all. The way he writes the information within his article shows a lot about his character traits and not just the bad ones the good ones too. Mainly I agree with his opinion, I think it takes a whole population willing to make that change and not just one person, although I strongly disagree with how he’d gotten his opinion across, I found it to be very rude, disrespectful, and offensive, although if he’d change how he’d gotten his opinion across it would be more enjoyable for me to read it and actually enjoy this piece of writing. Over all I think it was an enjoyable article because these issues are important to me.

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