Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kayaking is the new work out.

Kayaking for fitness.
By:Jodi Bigelow
Ottawa outdoors magazine spring/summer 2008

This article is about how the new world of fitness is starting to become kayaking. People from all over North America have been switching from either biking or running to kayaking which is a lot harder to get injured in. If paddling right, kayaking works all your core and abdominal muscles. It also works your arms, helps you loose weight and it increases your health. This article also talks about your heart rate and how to take your resting heart rate and how to calculate your heart rate every time you kayak. This article also breaks down your heart rate into five sections which tell you how hard you are working and where you should be at. I think that paddling would be a great workout and would keep someone physically fit to standards.
I recommend this article to anyone who canoes, kayaks, runs, or bikes. You would be surprised about the benefits kayaking can have for you.

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