Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ted talk #2:
Ken Kamler: Medical miracle on Everest

In this ted talk, ken Kalmer is the only doctor up on Everest in his team and therefore must stay alert at all times. Once they’d reached the third base camp he decided he would stay back in case of emergencies with a few other people while the other climbers continued on to the forth base camp and then towards the summit of the mountain. He had stayed in consistent communication with the climbers through the radio and had heard that the stronger climbers had to continue going on and leave the ones who had run out of energy were injured had died or were about to die. Beth weathers was one that they’d been told had died. They’d left them and started to go back towards the third base camp to get treated for their injuries. While ken was treating them for their injuries at the base camp one of the men who was supposedly dead Beth Weathers walked into the medical tent almost four days later with severe injuries and said hi ken where should I sit and do you accept my health insurance? And while he was being treated beth told ken him how he’d collapsed in the snow and just stayed still while a whole day and night passed by although he even saw another group of climbers pass by him and how they’d stopped to see if he was dead which they did declare him dead because he wasn’t moving or even blinking to show them a sign that he was still alive. While all this was happening to him he was thinking about his wife and children whom he said had given him enough motivation to slowly get up and start moving down towards the medical tent on base three. He made it there alive and able to tell his story. Which to me it’s an extraordinary miracle that he could do this only from a little bit of motivation. I also think that miracles like these ones should happen a lot more then they currently do but I guess you have to be a worth person to get one of those types of miracles and have spent your live doing helpful things which I’m guessing is why he’d been the one to have gotten one of those miracles but it also makes me question why the others didn’t deserve to be saved but he did. Although those questions of mine won’t be answered so ill just have to continue with being curious.

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