Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Ordinary Dog by Bruce Grierson

No Ordinary Dog by Bruce Grierson

Rating **½

This article is about a mountaineer and his mountain climbing dog. Bruce Grierson writes about Norm Winter and his amazing dog Vince. Norm is a climbing instructor in B.C, where he is accompanied by his big black husky mix, Vince. Norm brings Vince on his many climbs up various mountains and Vince can climb as well as his owner. When they reach terrain where a person would have to use their hands to climb up Vince would try to run up the slope as fast as he can. If he failed to climb it then he would find a different route up and meet Norm at the top. Vince is described as a very stubborn dog that would even get into fights with Norm. When Norm had to leave but the pair had not yet reached the top Vince would refuse to leave and Norm would return a day or two later to find Vince waiting where he left him. The writer portrayed Vince as a very unique dog with surprising abilities. I personally believe that there are dogs all over the world with similar characteristics and abilities. I believe that every dog is special and unique similar to people. Even my fairly average dog sometimes surprises me with his strange combination of attributes including his protective nature, fear of water, and love of cats. This article has just made me surer that dogs are the ultimate outdoor companion considering the amazing things they can do.

Bruce Grierson. No Ordinary Dog & No Ordinary Dog: Part 2. Explore Magazine. Winter 2009 Issue. December 28, 2010. http://explore-mag.com/article/people/no-ordinary-dog/


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