Monday, December 27, 2010

TED TALK Romulus Whitaker: The Real Danger Lurking in the Water

Rating: ****

This Ted Talk was about the gharial and the king cobra, two of India’s most iconic reptiles and how they are now endanger because of polluted waterways.

I really enjoyed this video, Romulus Whitaker has real passion about these animals and trying to save them. He shows amazing never before capture footage of both creatures that make them innocent and not seem scary, just magnificent.

This video really makes you feel for the animals and what is happening to them because of humans. It also shows how the pollution in these waterways is harming humans.

I would suggest this video to anyone who cares about animals (or wants to see a huge snake eat another huge snake live) and earth.

Romulus Whitaker: The Real Danger Lurking in the Water. TED Ideas Worth Spreading. January 2010. Web. 27 December 2010.

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