Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birds falling from the sky

More than 1000 birds fell form the sky on new years eve in Arkansans, Louisiana and many other places. Scientists believe that confusion struck the birds when large bangs and flashing lights hit the sky, the lights being from fireworks of coarse. This caused birds to fly into the ground, into buildings and other stationary objects. The most damage occurred In areas where there was snow and wind in compilation with the fireworks. Biologists say that this is a normal occurrence.

The article covered all the bases but was very brief and somewhat jumbled. I believe that confusion struck the birds and may have even stunned them when the saw the light from the fireworks. I say this because every time someone takes my picture I become disoriented from the flash, the same may have occurred with the birds. However, I now wonder why there is no mention of this on days like Canada day. I will assume that Canada day fireworks are easy to keep clear of, but new years...good luck.


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  1. When I read this article about the birds falling out of the sky on New Year eve that’s when I got interested in it, Because nothing like this has ever happened in the world, Because birds usually hit “tall buildings in cities, or cell phone towers, or wind turbines, or power lines" as the article said. It is also very weird that all the sudden that birds just drop from the sky. While look at it people said “That maybe fire works were the cause” but I don’t think fire works would cause 5000 birds to fall out of the sky maybe there is something coming in the future?