Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it Rain

Rating: ****

This article is about two friends who went on a disastrous month long trip where it rained every day, every night but it was still some of the best times of their lives.

Two friends decided to go on a month long kayaking trip on Lake Superior. Thinking they would only get a couple miserable days their luck turned on them and once they got on the water it started to pour. Thunder came with the rain and whenever there's thunder there's lightening, so they headed to the shore after getting a quick picture of what their day had been like; all rain. Everyday they woke up to drop after drop on their tent and fell asleep to the same sound. They would kayak in soaked jackets and drenched equipment, but they say it was all part of the experience and you just couldn't escape it. Murphy, one of the kayakers on the trip said "no trip is complete without one miserable day" and Stephanie the other kayaker said "it was the best time of my life because the worst experiences often make the best memories". After spending a lot of your time out in the rain Stephanie learned that Gore-tex is your friend, and an expensive tent is worth the money and hot chocolate is an emotional life saver. All of this might explain why we tell tough canoe trips over the easy ones and despite all the bad things we keep on tripping.

I think this article was really interesting to read since I too go camping a lot and in my experiences there is always that one day where it rains or it's just really cold and miserable but it's still one of those memories you'll never forgot because you realize at that point how much you take for granted and you appreciate what you have a whole lot more when you get back.

Let it Rain, Park Stephanie. Family Camping & Canoeroots, summer/fall 2010. Print

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