Saturday, January 1, 2011

Campsite Safety For Babies (Baby proofing your wilderness campsite) - Outdoor Adventure Canada

Campsite Safety For Babies (Baby proofing your wilderness campsite) by Samantha Rogers - **

In this article Samantha Rogers talks about a frightening experience she had while camping at Little Trout Lake. She and her husband (Michael) had three children, ages 6, 5, and 1, and they had tied their youngest to a tree with a baby harness and checked the area he could reach to be sure it was safe. Samantha noticed when they were preparing breakfast that Ethan, their youngest, had a hand full of mushrooms. She took the mushrooms from him and told him "no," then her oldest told her that Ethan was eating some. When she realized that he had swallowed some she asked her friends "What do I do?"

They told her to make him vomit. Then she and her husband both tried to make him vomit, but nothing came up. It occured to Michael that Ethan probably had an empty stomach, so they gave him some soymilk in his milk bottle and he drank it. Then her husband tried again and Ethan vomited, once he had vomited Michael handed Samantha the baby and searched the vomit. He found a piece of mushroom the size of a dime, then they waited, always watching for a change in Ethan.

After a full day of waiting they were sure he was fine. Samantha then mentions that while doing research for her article she learned how some mushroom's poisoning can take several days to take effect. She says that she would not suggest waiting it out like they did for that reason.

This article helped to show me that you really need to take caution when camping in the wilderness, especially with small children. It showed me there are dangers, sometimes even within your campsite. I will surely be a little more cautious when wilderness camping in the future. I recommend this reading to anyone who needs to be a little more cautious when in the wilderness.

Rogers, Samantha. "Campsite Safety For Babies (Baby proofing your wilderness campsite)" Outdoor Adventure Canada

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