Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Perfect Camp Hat by Kevin Callan


This article was about the importance of hats on a canoe trip, and the meaning the hat has for that person. It protects you from ultra-violate rays, but it does much more than that, it "announces" your character, it shows that your a true adventurer.
But when our authors canoe buddy(Andy) lends his nephew his hat (or as shown in this article his soul) and that nephew misplaces it, our author demands that the head camp councilor have a search party retrieve Andy's lost "soul". When the hat was retrieved Andy decides to pull a joke on his nephew by telling him it was the wrong hat. But once Andy received another canoe hat from his nephew for Christmas he let the joke out of the bag and told his nephew of the prank. Later that year his nephew received that very same hat in the mail with his name inscribed inside.

This article shows me that some people really do care about there hats. A lot. I would recommend this for anyone with a passion for hats but other than that I would not recommend it.

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