Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Canine Canoeing by Sheila Ascroft

Rating: ***

This article explains excellent ways to help you train your dog to coming canoeing without. Obviously he or she won’t be helping with the paddling, but they can be a great companion on our trips. The other spoke about her personal experience with training her dog to behave in a canoe. She also gives many pointers that are very informative.

First off, she explained that it doesn’t matter if your dog likes to swim or not, this should not prevent your best friend to come accompany you in a boat or canoe. However, if you own a small dog or a dog that does not like swimming it would be a good idea to consider buying a life jacket for them. Next she described a way of training your dog so that he or she doesn’t rock the canoe, growl at paddles, and other behaviors that could become distracting or even unsafe. Then the author gave some tips for comfort, so that your dog doesn’t slip, or get sun stroke. All of this is very important to consider before taking your dog out on the water.

I found this article to be very informative and a perfect training guide for any dog owner. Part of enjoying yourself outside can also include spending time with your pet. Learning how to train my dog how to properly behave in a canoe is very interesting. Now I feel excited to try these methods with my dog, and see if I can take her canoeing with the family. Hopefully this summer I can get my dog trained, and take my pooch for a paddle!

Ascroft, Sheila. “Canine Canoeing”. Ottawa Outdoors, spring/summer 2010.

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