Monday, January 17, 2011

Cold Camping

Rating ***

While winter camping may not the most comfortable of camping scenarios, done right it can yield a rewarding experience. Personally, while I love winter, I'll take a warm heated bedroom over a tent or Quincy if I have choice. Anyways, this article gives useful information regarding winter camping. While its more centred on the assumption that you're in a tent, the majority of the information is applicable in any situation. For instance, a general “do” is to dress in layers, and to peel of your outer layers as you exercise. Sweat is your worst enemy in winter camping, due to the fact that if it sticks to your skin you're going to get cold real quick, rendering your inner clothing layers wet and uncomfortable. Along with other tips and advice for dressing yourself, the article also includes tactics for picking a site, sleeping arrangements, and the best way to relieve yourself at night without freezing. It also includes a snow guide plus other tips on trekking, preparation, water, etc.

Ottawa Outdoors – Winter 2007 / 2008 – Kevin Callan

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