Monday, January 17, 2011

Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime by Dave McMahon

Rating: ***

Trail Running is a new kind of running, free of pavement, surrounded by nature and way more adventure then your normal kind of run.

In this article, McMahon describes the many advantages of trail running. May the reason be freer spirit, or a more rigorous training, many people are checking out this new way of going for a run.

Compared with running in the city, on pavement and surrounded by traffic, trail running is full of fresh air, and beautiful views. Every run is a different experience, and there are plenty of trails that you can check out, even a variety of difficulty. By running on trails, you develop muscles that you don’t normally use. However, the development isn’t only physical, by concentrating on your footing, and planning ahead, your mind is really working as well. Trail running is a whole body work out, and an overall great experience.

I found this article to be very interesting because I personally would be motivated with a new challenge when it comes to running, and Trail Running seems that it could grab my interest. This article is recommended to anyone who loves a new challenge, and enjoys keeping fit.

McMahon, Dave. Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime. Ottawa Outdoors, summer/fall 2009.

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