Monday, January 17, 2011


My family went camping at Crevice Lake. Many of the rivers we were passing had two meters of shore exposed because of the short winter. The drive to the campsite was filled with narrow roads and jutting rocks, avoiding them was nearly impossible. The bugs were absolutely relentless to the point where my Border collie (Shadow) looked as if she had chicken pox on her belly.

To escape the wrath of the bugs we decided to head in the tent at 8:30. The black flies had followed us in but were more concerned about getting out to really bother us. It was hotter than hell inside the tent, I wanted to get out and head for a swim but my parents wouldn't let me. Getting to sleep was a pain, waking up over the littlest of sounds, afraid of the bears that may enter our camp. I woke up with a pain in my side even though we had placed mats in the tent.

We brought two kayaks with us and decided to explore the lake while my father tried to catch non-existent fish off the shoreline. We went to the end of the lake which was connected to (look up lake); a land bridge separated the lakes. When we got back to shore the clouds were rolling in.

I got rid of my wet clothes and went for a swim in my boxers, the water was colder than yesterday so I only Went in up to my knees. My body was covered in bug bites, one bug even got inside my belly button (what the hell man).

We all decided that another night of camping would be pure suicide as the bug spray had virtually no effect.

We braced are selves for the treacherous ride off the mountain, which really didn't seem as bad as the way up. Once off the mountain we stopped at a bridge which went across Bonnechere River. The water had receded here as well. Purple Martians were hunting all around us, plucking bugs right out of the air inches away from my head. Fish were abundant in river, so my dad decided to fish near the waters' edge. He ended up catching two shiners which are nothing more than large minnows. Shadow almost re-caught one that my father was about to release.

Back on the road we ran into Barriers Bay Day, the traffic was extremely slow. A ways up the road we purchased fries from a local chip wagon and brought out the sandwiches we bought the day before. We found a picnic table right on the beach of golden lake. We keep finding bugs on Shadow caught by her thick fur. We had a great time... But If my father mentions camping there again I will show him this story and remind him how scratched up the truck was after we went thought the overgrown and very narrow roads.

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