Monday, January 17, 2011

"Antarctica: The Planet’s Gatineau Park?"
Green, Geoff. Ottawa out doors, fall 2003, issue 33.Rating: ****
This article is about the author Greens previous experience of waterskiing in Antarctica, and how the arctic is comparable to our own Gatineau Park. Green expresses his love and the reality of how the animal life functions and the beauty of the simple yet elegant waters of the arctic.
The two paged article teaches people that Antarctica is not only 98% ice but home to multiple animals. Seals, penguins, whales there is truly a wide variety of what you can see. Green not only informs us he also describes what he himself has noticed and his opinion on the animal’s behavior.
From reading this article, Geoff to me seems like he knows what he is talking about and is a very intelligent man, and that fact alone made this article very easy to read and very interesting. I truly recommend reading this article, with all of the success of Mr. Green its an honor and something that you won’t forget.

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