Monday, January 17, 2011

Dogs Pregnant Pause by Hugh Poulio

I was surprised to find out that hundreds of wild dogs exist in Calgary. Other than that I found this article to be bland and uninteresting.

In this article it talks about a problem thought unique to countries like Mexico and Russia. That problem is stray semi feral dogs which is plaguing the Tsuu T'ina Reserve on Calgary by the hundreds. To combat this Julie Frelber from the Animal Rescue Foundation is working with veterinarians and first Nations people at the source. They are combating this problem at its source by giving female puppy's a contraceptive implant called a deslorelin which costs 1/6 the cost of neutering. By giving the pup a sedative and using a 14 gauge needle to insert the implant. The procedure is simple enough the he believes that local technicians rather than veterinarians. With 40 dogs processed between March and May he says it is a scratch on a deep problem
Canadian Geographic Dogs Pregnant by Hugh Poulio Pause pg22 July/August 2010 issue

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