Monday, January 17, 2011

Will GaddGadd, William. "The Cult of Fit."
Will Gadd, June 2010, issue 163. Explore Magazine.Rating: ***
"The Cult of fit" an article about the culture and effects of the intense work out called Cross fit. The author, Will Gadd, explains in depth the simplicity and intensity of this work out.Gadd provides his readers with the general information of Cross fit, and the effects. Cross fit is an unbelievable work out that gets you in shape and is safe for the environment. The Cult is a group of people who believe in ancient ways, and being in amazing shape.
Gadd explains how the Cross fit group uses ancient methods to keep in shape, and use no equipment but themselves and some more creative things (ex: play structure). Cross fit users also use the same nutrition regime as what the call the "cave man" which dates back over 10’000 years ago.
Gadd reveals not only there secret method but also tells his readers that the Cult has there own secret language. He also tells us that you are able to pick these exceptional athletes from a crowd because they wear there special shirt claiming "My warm up is harder then your work out".In my perspective the article could have contained more information regarding the Cross fit and possibly gone more in depth. Over all I have rated this article three stars because I found that Gadd provided and easy read that caught my grasped my attention, but needed more information.

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