Sunday, January 16, 2011

Handy Hints with Dennis Figg: Buying a Canoe - Dennis Figg

Rating: ***
Like any large purchase, a lot of thought must be put into buying a canoe. This article provides the reader with quick tips on how do go about choosing a canoe that suits him or her.
This Buying a Canoe article is a great too. It briefly outlines the most important factors to consider when purchasing a canoe, such as the hull design, hull material, durability, capacity, ease of handling, price, weight, and size. The article then goes into further detail, explaining the pros and cons of different hull styles and materials. Tips for first time canoe buyers are also featured in the article, and the ideal size and weight of a typical all-purpose canoe is provided. Thought provoking questions are also asked, ensuring that the reader will be able to make the right decision for them in purchasing a canoe.
I found this article very helpful and informative. As an individual who quite enjoys canoeing, I hope to one day purchase my own canoe. Having not read this article, I would have had no idea what to be looking for in my purchase. The article informed me about what I should personally be looking for when buying a canoe. The thought-provoking questions make it easy for the reader to personalize the advice and tips. I did find that the article lacked a bit of detail. While it very clearly explained the ideal size of a canoe and the ideal hull materials, it did not cover much else. Certain canoe traits are pointed out, such as how the canoe is designed, but no tips are provided on what to look for.
All in all, this article provides a decent summary of what is important to look for in your canoe purchase.
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