Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ben Saunders Skis to the North Pole - Ben Saunders on TED

Rating: ****
Being someone who cannot ski across the field of Cairine Wilson without falling over, I was extremely impressed by this video.
Despite the majority of the world being mapped already, much of the Arctic remains unexplored. Modern arctic explorer Ben Saunders has pushed the boundaries of Arctic exploration. At the age of 26, Ben Saunders set out on a trek to the North Pole. He kept a blog documenting his trip. The expedition was made alone, and he transported himself on skis. Saunders became the youngest person, and only one out of four in the entire world, to ever ski solo to the North Pole. At the North Pole, Saunders gained first-hand experience of how climate change is affecting the Arctic. His northern expeditions raise awareness about global warming.
The main thing that impressed me about this video was the sheer skill and determination to ski alone to the North Pole. Saunders described it as 32 consecutive marathons. Personally, I can barely make it to the field from the school garage on skis, and I need someone to help me get back up when I inevitably tumble. I truly respect how Saunders uses his skill for the noble cause of climate change awareness. Climate change is becoming such an obvious issue, and I feel that it can no longer be ignored. We need people like Saunders to inspire a change in life behaviours. If not, our environment is bound to suffer greatly. Saunders’ knack for winter survival inspires me to attempt a low-risk winter camping scenario on my own, as I have yet to have that opportunity.
I applaud Ben Saunders on both his amazing winter survival skills and his noble actions toward climate change awareness.
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