Sunday, January 16, 2011

How the swift fox returned to the Canadian Praries by Wayne Lynch


As an animal lover its nice to hear these stories. This article describes the rare swift fox of North America. Wayne describes this animal as North America's most fascinating and most rare mammal.

He set out on the journey in search of this fox hes been studying in hopes to take some pictures and observe them. After sitting out in the scorching sun for three hours a mother fox appears from their den. He describes the little cubs playing and pawing at each one an other until a noise of a car in the distance scared them back into their den.

This is another article that shows someone who is passionate enough to stake out a hole in the ground in hopes to see a glimpse at an animal. It gives me a sense of respect towards these people because their doing something about what they love and I hope I will follow this path in my future.

Lynch, Wayne. "How the swift fox returned to the Canadian Prairies". Wildlife magazine. Vol.10 number 1. march 2006.

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