Sunday, January 16, 2011

How To Catch A Trout - Pursue the Outdoors

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I always thought catching a trout would be easy, boy was I wrong! You would think, sticking a worm on a hook, dumping the hook into the water and catching a fish would be simple, well there's a few things I missed apparently, according this article. I've always loved fishing, regardless of the fact I have never ever, in 14 years, caught anything. My uncle Ian would always take his small paddle boat into the middle of our tiny lake, and fish all afternoon. In the evening, he'd walk in with 3 rainbow trout, ready to be cooked. That's what kept me at it, I wanted to catch something, and eat it too. The best I've done so far was get a cat fish on my hook, bring the fish flying out of the water, only to have break free and disappear below the surface. This article explains the ins and outs of trout fishing. The right kind of bait, timing, and the best ways to catch them without a hard time...or getting wet in my case. It gives details on the behaviors, mental and physical characteristics of different types of trout so you can identify what kind of fish you are dealing with without any trouble. Tips and tricks are abound and they offer insight to particular conditions or problems that fishers could be faced with. I've tried some of the suggested tactics, and I haven't had any luck yet, so I guess I'd better keep at it...

  • Pursue the Outdoors - November 30th 1999 - Kevin Leer

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