Saturday, January 15, 2011

Killer Cold by Jim Thornton

Rating: ***

This article explains the many dangers of hypothermia, and the reasons why it claims the lives of around 750 Americans per year. Alan Steinman explains how hypothermia confuses your body and brain so it can compromise your judgement, making you believe your fine, when in reality you’re in the first stages of hypothermia. The defence your body puts emplace to counter hypothermia is rather counter-productive since, it takes the blood away from your extremities, making you slow and sluggish and makes your hands and feat useless. It also disrupts your organs, confusing your kidney into expelling all excess urine making you become dehydrated, it also can causes hallucinations and a very confused thought process, finale it shuts down your heart.

I would recommend this article to anyone who wants to know more about the dangers of hypothermia, and of how to prevent it. This article taught me a lot of useful information on this subject.

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