Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Wall of Dreams by J.B.Mackinnon

Rating: ***

This article is about the author and his friend Kirk who decided to climb Marble Canyon as teens. The point of this trip is to fulfil J.B’s daydream of climbing this “impassable” cliff face.

When they arrive at the canyons camp ground they spend a night there enjoying themselves. The next day when the set out to do the first cliff face where, they realise that their bags are mush heavier than anticipated. They finish that day of by discovering there problem is that Kirks mom trying to be helpful had packed them a huge surplus of food which they decided to eat as quickly as possible. The next day they realise that the next face was much more challenging than anticipated, they joke that day as they realise they cannot possible complete the trip by saying that this was turning out to just be a huge picnic. When they get back down they realise that even though they hadn’t completed it, it was still there most memorably trip ever.

I would suggest this to anyone who daydreams about completing amazing feats or if you have a thing for rock-climbing.

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