Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Legendary life by Lynn Martel

Rating: ***

This article is about Hans Gmoser the father of mountain climbing and skiing in Canada. He came over to Canada at the age of 19, he was already a competent and skilful mountain climber/skier, and he then created his own company; Rocky Mountain Guides. His company continued to grow, and at the urging of some customers he started to have a helicopter do drops at the highest points of the mountains, a first in Canada. Because of the sudden boom of customers for this helicopter thrill, he opened up Bugaboo Lodge. He now owns more than a dozen lodges in B.C “powder belt”, all with rooftop Jacuzzis, five star chefs, and 700 personal staff serving over 10 000 skiers per season and 2000 heli-skiers as well. He wasn’t just a successful businessman; he was a good family man with two children and a loving wife, he helped found the Association of Canadian Guides (ACMG), which earned him the order of Canada.

This was a good article and I would recommend it too anyone with spare time, or who wants’ to know more of the “father” of mountaineering (in Canada).

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